Election Over – Critical Work Ahead For Champions for Change

Even though the Presidential Election is over, Champions for Change (CFC) is fully committed to continuing its critical work promoting the virtues of free market enterprise and entrepreneurship. Champions for Change endorses the implementation of traditional conservative free thinking entrepreneurial policies that will allow businesses all over America to prosper and thrive. Champions for Change will continue its work promoting the call for a smaller government, reduced state and federal regulation, and reckless short sighted government spending. CFC believes unnecessary bureaucracy and regulations along with high levels of corporate taxation are severely restricting private sector job growth.

Scott TuckerCFC also believes unfair federal and state subsidies in the energy production sector are having a detrimental effect on the economy. Recent government hand outs and tax break incentives given to ‘green energy producers’ have resulted in a severe distortion of the energy production marketplace. CFC will continue working to bring about an end to government incentives for special interest renewable energy producers. CFC would like to see less environmental regulation and a complete overhaul of the job destroying Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In the financial services industry, CFC will continue to support the removal of stifling red tape, bureaucracy and burdensome regulation. CFC fully endorses the concept of ‘Paycheck Protection’ and will continue to support the call for greater transparency and accountability for labor unions. Champions for Change believes that by promoting the virtues of free market enterprise and entrepreneurship economic prosperity can be restored to all American citizens. Free market enterprise is the best route to economic prosperity

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